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IMED Hospitals,together with the main valencian sports institutions, meet the Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano

Press Releases | 2 de Julio de 2020

The Chamber of Commerce of Valencia brought together last tuesday different representatives of the most important valencian sports institutions in a meeting with the Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano, that wanted to expose some ideas that the Secretary of state will develop during next months to go back to amateur and professional sports. Lozano highlighted the concept “Safe Sport”, new leitmotiv of the Superior Council of Sports that want to reactivate sports world after COVID-19 paralysed and suspended all competitions and sports schools.

During the meeting, of approximately 2 hours, it was also exposed the importance of football world as economical motor for the Valencian Community and as driver of base sports and other sports that in last years support economically together with Professional Football League.

Among the participants we could find Fernando Roig, president of the Villareal F.C, Quico Catalá, president of the Levante UD, Jesus Villarreal, marketing manager of the Valencia Basket, Ricardo Arias, ex-football player and representing the Valencia Football Club Paco Borao, President of the SD Correcaminos, Enrique Garcia, CEO of the Spanish Sports Institute and representatives of other institutions. The participants asked their queries and ideas to Irene Lozano that was grateful to answer all of them. On behalf of IMEDValencia the Managing Director, Pedro Tomás, exposed the link of IMED since its origin with sports world through sports medicine and the collaboration with events and clubs of first level in sports as football, basket, athletism or cycling among other. Tomás also presented the recent opening of the High Performance Sports Unit developed together with the Valencia Catholic University and that offer to amateurs treatment and techniques that till today were limited just to professional sports.

Irene Lozano praised IMED action, and highlighted that among their objectives they want to develop a new “Health and Sports” Unit inside the CSD (Sports Council), that enhances a healthy lifestyle for society and where sports plays a very important role. The Secretary of State pointed out that “a better health state in population benefits Health System because of healthier citizens and with less risk to have any illness”.

  • Irene Lozano