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Our values

Our values are defined in 3 points:

  • Directed and compromissed with the patient. Engaged with a way of working more fair with all peaople that comes to IMED, because they are the reason and the main point of our activity. Our objective is that each patient has always the assistance needed and provided by our professionals.
  • Directed to quality. Through a proactive attitude and with the objective of improving every day the service that we provide. We believe in the idea that details make the difference.
  • Directed to innovation and technology. The Medical Innovation (I+MED Innovación Médica) as the main point of our health offer. At the same time, technology as the easy part of relation with the patient and all people that interact with IMED in their daily activity, patients, family or coworkers.


Our Mission is to be a hospital where all citizens wants to come to solve their needs in the health area. We know that people is more and more active in the management of their health, they have more information and they make more decisions about it. Taking care of people is not only to treat the disease, is to take care of prevention, life habits, assistance quality and well-being. Our offer is based in that all patients have the best assistance, not only in health but in all points that involves IMED.

Our engagement with society is to give the best health assistance, based in the best quality assistance and the best accessibility. We work to give the best service and we can only reach that with the assistance on the place needed, with the best professional, with the procedure needed, with the diagnosis test required and reducing the visiting time in the hospital. Like this we reach the objectives that forms our three basic principles: the improvement of quality assistance, a quicker service and a greatetst security of attention to the patient.


Our Vision is to continue setting up, motivating and improving a private assistance model based in quality to the patient that turns into a reference in the private health of our country.

We want to be on the cutting edge of treatments, diagnosis, prevention, care and technology. We bet for our own team, characterized because of their involvetment and value, not only in the health area, but in all staff too, from the nurse team – that we think is the basis because it’s the direct contact with our patients -, till health assistants and all the staff that developes their activity in our company.

With this combination we want to continue improving the standards of quality in the health system in a global way and we want to continue offering to all of our patients the assistance that they deserve.

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