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IMED Valencia creates the Integrative and Antiaging Medicine Unit.

Press Releases | 6 de Mayo de 2019

In 2040 Spain will be the country with more life expectancy

Spanish life expectancy it’s been doubled in just four generations. Between 1910 and 2019 life expectancy of a person that was born in Spain move from 40 to more than 83 years (Source: National Statistics Institute).

After this impressive leap, it is predicted that our country will be the most long-lived in the world in 2040 and life expectancy is settled in 85,8 years old. In light of this perspective it is essential to focus in quality of life, an aspect that wasn’t always developed parallel to the amount of years that can live a human being.

Experts point out that one of the challenges in modern medicine, precisely, is to improve our quality of life and for that, medicine should follow a predictive, preventive, proactive and personalised track. With this objective, and according to the 4 “P” is born the new “Integrative and antiaging Medicine Unit” of IMED Valencia.

For Dr. Ignacio Vicente, coordinator of the unit, the key is in “the prevention and improvement of life quality. We increasingly live more years and this add risk to have more health problems. It is about to focus medicine not only in healing diseases”. Doctor’s opinion is that, “to live better or stop passage of time in the medical point of view means to optimise our health state, making a full treatment of the patient”.

Chronological age vs biological age

When we talk about people’s age, we assume that we are talking about his chronological age, the years he has since his birth.

However, chronological age normally doesn’t match biological age and it depends, largely, in people’s life style. In other words, a person under non controlled stress, with unbalanced diet, too little rest and a sedentary life can have a more advanced biological age than chronological age.

On the contrary, healthy life style, a good diet and sports practise can lead to a biological age under the chronological one. Like this, a 50 years old person chronological age, has biologically between 40 or 65 depending on his lifestyle, environmental factors or if he’s lucky with his genes. It is what in medicine is known as ambiome. Professionals from the Integrative and Antiaging medicine Unit of IMED use different studies to determine how many years truly have every person.

Who’s directed to?

Dr. Rafael Giménez, medical manager of IMED Valencia, point out that the Antiaging Unit “is created for all people, any age, that want to improve its adaptation to time passage, it is truth that between 45 and 60 years old is an optimum age frame, because it is when many problems related with time passage begin to appear, we lose energy or appear some pathologies”.

The Unit offer different types of programmes

  • One of the most important is the Stress-free program; multiple diseases have their origin in stress, that’s why is essential to know how to manage it to enjoy a good health.
  • For those with chronic pain the program Pain free is created, to have a multidisciplinary vision of those problems of chronicle pain with which the patient is used to live and traditional consultations didn’t solve. In the IMED Unit we give you a different approach and solutions to this pain that with time passage patients assumed as normal but have solution.
  • Man and woman that doesn’t have specific health problems but want to recover their best version, we created Man health and Woman health program with the objective of avoid time passage to be an obstacle to continue feeling good.
  • Other programs of this unit are routed to have healthy weight and remove bad habits that make us loose energy.

A program for each person

Each person is different and in terms of health even further. In the Integrative and Antiaging Medicine Unit of the hospital IMED Valencia, we personalise our programs to each patient and if we know their previous medical history, we can know their health problems.

Dr. Vicente point out that “the objective of antiaging medicine is to know deeply the patient, his habits, worries, to work together about causes and as this improve his health and achieve more longevity and well-being as possible”.

Technology and medical advances allow to know which predisposition we have of having some diseases. “We are on the genetic age. Each day we know new diseases which origin is in genes. This leads to a personalised medicine. To know before a person’s predisposition to have certain diseases can avoid or palliate its effects. The Integrative and Antiaging Unit is essential to prevent and overtake time” says Dr. Vicente.

One of the advantages of IMED compared to other centres where exists similar units is, in Dr. Giménez words, that “our unit is integrated in a hospital environment so we have all means and specialists 24 hours 365 days a year. The backup of a hospital as IMED is the best trust hallmark for this new project”.

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