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Breast pathology unit

Comprehensive treatment of breast pathology

IMED Hospitales has designed a unit dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of breast pathology (breast cancer). For this we have a great experience in this field and all the technological resources available in IMED Hospitales in this unit.

Our goal is to achieve intraclinical injury, with other words, those that show no symptoms, because it is the best method to attempt to cure breast cancer. In this way, the revisions and periodic mammografies are the best tools we have.

Tests and Treatments

Early diagnosis is very important . Improvements in the diagnosis and in the breast cancer treatment have made that the rate of healing is increased and the aggressiveness of the surgery is reduced.

The implementation of prevention programs and early diagnosis has changed the future of patients with this condition. The diagnosis in the early stages of the development of the disease makes the treatment much more efficient, less aggressive and the rates of healing are much higher than when it is discovered in a later stage.

The technology in our centers , coupled with the professional experts at our disposal , ensure the highest quality of treatment in all aspects of breast cancer.

Custom plans are established, screening and counseling based on the individual risk of each woman for this condition. In IMED Hospitals we perform the diagnostic and therapeutic process quickly and efficiently.

Every cancer patient has an individualized plan of treatment that fits their needs and desires, keeping the best results. The attention to the aesthetic result starts from the same treatment process and continues with the reconstruction process if necessary.

The technique of sentinel node reduces the need for axillary dissection in many cases that minimize risks and consequences.

IMED Hospitales has the most advanced medical technology in the diagnosis of breast cancer. Among other things we have in our Hospitals in spain:

  • Digital mammography. With the ability of tomosynthesis. The mammograph allows the stereotactic and also owns the program for the detection of microcalcifications and has intervention table equipped with the latest technology. 
  • MRI with high vold of 3 Tesla, for image studies with great precision. The MRI also counts with the stereotactic possibility. 
  • CT Scan, with multi-section.
  • Ultrasound, high resolution.

IMED Hospitales has its own laboratory and a team of pathologists who analyze biopsies and their immunohistochemical characteristics and give reliable results in the shortest time possible.

The unit of Oncological Radiotherapy of IMED Hospitales has the most advanced technology in this field. Depending on the type of tumor, we can administer different treatments of radiation therapy, if necessary.

  • External irradiation. Through the RapidArc linear accelerator, technologywith a worldwide reference for this type of treatment. Unique in the province of Alicante.
  • Internal radiation or brachytherapy. A treatment in which the radioactive material is administered directly into the tumor , or the area where the tumor was located, so that undesired effects are avoided in the surrounding healthy tissue.

The oncoplastic surgery makes it possible to maintain one’s personal image , in the cases where it is possible, with the immediate reconstruction of the breast.

The surgeons specialized in this field are responsible for the remodelation and reconstruction of the breast.

Advanced breast cancer treatment includes the reconstruction of the damaged breast , so that the oncoplastische surgery has become one of the pillars of the unit.

There are two types of oncoplastic surger:

  • Oncoplastic surgery after mastectomy. This is the reconstructive surgery of the breast.
  • Conservative oncoplastic surgery. This is carried out when any malformations may be caused after a treatment, or are produced during the surgical procedure. Often it is also carried out during the same surgical procedure.


Our integrated unit consists of a team of professionals from different fields that can also solve a specific problem in a coordinated manner. In the breast unit of IMED Hospitales we have a team of gynaecologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, specialists in nuclear medicine, psychologists, etc. A good coordination between this group of specialists provides proper care and control of breast cancer treatment.