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  • Hospital IMED San Jorge Alcoy
  • Centro médico IMED Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
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IMED San Jorge Hospital
IMED Alcoy Policlinic

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Quality health assistance in Alcoy

IMED San Jorge heir of San Jorge Sanatorium in Alcoy. With a deep facilities reform and the opening of a new space for outpatient clinic, IMED want to offer maximum quality assistance service to Alcoy citizens and its neighbours.

IMED has two different headquarters in Alcoy: the Polyclinic where main specialties in outpatients clinic are offered, as well as laboratory and ilahy (aesthetic medicine and surgery); and the Hospital where hospitalization, emergency service, operating rooms, physical therapy and rehabilitation, imaging diagnosis and COVID-19 tests are provided.

IMED San Jorge Hospital

C. Oliver, 55, 03802 Alcoy, Alicante

965 33 04 00

  • Operating Rooms.
  • Hospitalisation.
  • Imaging diagnosis: MRI, CT, X-Ray, mammogram, ultrasounds.
  • 24 hours Emergency Service, 7 days a week.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
  • COVID Tests.
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy
  • Hospital IMED San Jorge en Alcoy

IMED Alcoy Policlinic

Polígon Industrial Cotes Baixes Carrer B, 1, 03804 Alcoy, Alicante

966 44 77 74

  • Medical consultations.
  • Blood collection and laboratory tests.
  • ilahy Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy
  • Clínica IMED en Alcoy

More than 2.500 professionals work in our health centers from Alicante, Valencia and Murcia to take care of your health.

The IMED hospital group values are based on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • Committed to our patients who are the essence and the focus of our activity and ensuring the best possible personalised health care and attention.
  • Committed and oriented towards quality. We adopt a proactive attitude with the aim of implanting continual improvement of all aspects of the service we provide each day. We know the small details mark the difference.
  • Committed towards implementing the latest innovation and technology facilitating the relationship with our patients and an important differentiating element of the IMED group.

We work with international insurances

We cooperate with national and international insurances, work accident insurances and traffic accidents.

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Specialized Units

IMED Alcoy has prestigious specialized units, that have become the best example of quality assistance and high specialization.


ilahy Clínica de Medicina y Cirugía Estética

VITA Medicina Reproductiva

VITA Clínica de Fertilidad y Medicina Reproductiva

Oftalvist Alcoy

Oftalvist, Clínica Oftalmológica en Alcoy

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